The Launchettes

Minimalists for Maximum Impact.

A photograph of the Launchettes: Suzette McKinnon, Martha Peck, Betsy Bartholomew, Jessica McCaa, Lauren Varner

Launch creates distinctive branding, advertising, and behavior change campaigns. We have extensive experience in social and environmental causes, cultural arts, health and women’s issues, sustainable communities and destinations. Since 2002, we have maintained a lean business model with the three principals working on every client in our roster. Betsy Bartholomew is at the strategic and planning helm. Suzette McKinnon leads as visual creative director. Martha Peck delivers creative strategy and brand language. We are strengthened by the independent talents of Jess McCaa for account supervision, Sidney Clough for project management and digital media expertise, and Lauren Varner for digital and social media. Simple. Efficient. Successful.