Less like a lamb, more like a lion.

Earlier this year, Launch was honored to partner with Morris Animal Foundation to help evolve their brand. This amazing organization has been improving the health of animals worldwide for nearly 70 years. And they are based right here in Denver! While the multitudes of species they serve tend to keep their gratitude to themselves, we thought it was time to help MAF speak a little more boldly about all of their scientific advancements and accomplishments. Chances are, your kitties and pups are healthier today because of the work of Morris Animal Foundation.

Self-deprecation and snowballs.

breck-webWe recently finished a new campaign for Breckenridge to help the town gain acceptance for their new paid parking system. Diffusing anger and frustration with a little self-deprecating humor takes courage. Kudos to the good folks at the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado for being willing to take the hit!

A spiffy new web home for RidgeGate.

ridgegate-homepageWe hope you’ll tour the updated website for RidgeGate – a sustainable community located in Lone Tree, Colorado. The new site offers a more visually dynamic experience, with a complete tour of homes, arts and culture, health and wellness, everyday life, as well as the business and commercial environment. Launch has helped RidgeGate evolve over the past decade, from a prairie of tall grasses and a few sprinkled homes, to a thriving mixed-use community that is one of the most vibrant places to live and work in Douglas County. View more of our work for RidgeGate.


We don’t shy away from the hard stuff.

Hard Call podcast artwork and brandingLaunch is thrilled to be taking a journey with the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus as we market Hard Call, a series of events, podcasts, and curricula material that explore the difficult and controversial choices we’re forced to make about our health. Launch has collaborated on the program development, led the website and podcast brand design, as well as provided strategic marketing counsel. Learn more and stay connected to this very cool project at

Recent acts of brand refreshment.

BFS-rebrandThe Bonfils-Stanton Foundation (BSF) has been operating as a humble partner and funder to the booming arts and leadership scene in Denver. Launch came on board in 2015 with a rebranding effort to help the organization become more extroverted and relevant in today’s digital environment. Creativity is an important trait that intersects both the arts and leaders in our community, so we infused the BSF brand with a renewed sense of creative energy as well. This is important as BSF solidifies itself as a go-to resource for arts and leadership in our community, and as a conduit for elevating Denver’s culture nationally.

Come explore the new

Image - Come explore the new Springwoods VillageLaunch partnered with the good folks at FIREANT STUDIO to evolve the website for the Springwoods Village community north of Houston, Texas. This mixed-use sustainable community is growing quickly now that ExxonMobil and Southwestern Energy have located their headquarter campuses there. Kudos also go to our traveling partner, Mary Pantier for her gorgeous photography. Check it out at

Von Tornow Gallery is a fresh canvas for Launch.

Branding image for Von Tornow GalleryWe’ve been doing some branding work for Von Tornow Gallery. VTG is located in the Golden Triangle District in downtown Denver, and doubles as a unique event space. We’ve developed a series of posters and postcards that promote VTG as ‘a more artful venue’ for parties, corporate and nonprofit events. You might want to investigate the space and invite Art to your next shindig.

Take the Keller Homes Test Drive.

Screengrab from the Keller Homes Test Drive commercialKeller Homes is a family-owned homebuilder in Colorado Springs, and one of Launch’s longstanding clients. This spring we created a TV, radio, and online campaign for Keller to generate traffic and qualified leads. The Test Drive campaign offers a 15 minute look ‘under the roof’ to demonstrate how Keller Homes are designed and built differently. Pam Keller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shared these kind words about our work on the campaign:

“Launch took the time upfront to listen to the challenges we were facing in real estate market before they developed our 2012 campaign. The outcome has allowed us to have a fully integrated campaign that has helped to overcome objections and produce sales. Currently we have exceeded our YTD goals and believe that the campaign has had a direct impact on our success. Bravo!”